AKTS-Thermokinetics Upgrade Guide

AKTS-Reaction Calorimetry Upgrade Guide

1/ Check your version

To check your current version of AKTS-Thermokinetics, use the menu ? → About.

AKTS-Thermokinetics About Window, Software Version

Maintenance Expiration Accessible Version
Between September 15th, 2015 and February 10th, 2017 4.15
After September 20th, 2017 4.46

The latest version of AKTS-Thermokinetics Software 'Reaction Calorimetry' Version is 4.46.
Released on September 20th, 2017.

2/ Backup your data

IMPORTANT : Before upgrading, it is recommended to backup your data.

(i) Create a new folder, i.e. " Thermokinetics Backup" ;

(ii) Copy the following files :

  • AKTS-Thermokinetics.exe
  • kin.adb
  • the folder "data"

(iii) Your data are now archived. You can proceed with the upgrade process

Files to backup before proceeding with the AKTS-Thermokinetics upgrade

2/ Backup your files before upgrading


3/ Upgrade AKTS-Thermokinetics

If the computer where AKTS-Thermokinetics is installed is connected to Internet (online) :

In the AKTS-Thermokinetics software, go to the menu "Administration" - "Automatic Upgrade". AKTS-Thermokinetics will upgrade automatically.

AKTS-Thermokinetics automatic upgrade menu

3/ Access to the menu Automatic Upgrade

If the computer where AKTS-Thermokinetics is installed is NOT connected to Internet (offline) :

  • To obtain the latest version, please contact AKTS at AKTS Support Contact E-mail;
  • When you have received the latest version, extract the files into the folder where AKTS-Thermokinetics is installed. This will replace the old version by the new one.


4/ New functionalities

The list of the new functionalities and bug corrections are described in AKTS-Thermokinetics help files.