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What's new in AKTS-Thermokinetics

Version 5.1

Note: Only users with a maintenance period after June 16th, 2020 can upgrade to AKTS-Thermokinetics 5.0x series.

New feature

Version 5.1


  • 1274 - A user option allows keeping the database disconnected to improve performance, especially when multiple users access the same database;
  • 1259 - In the Stepwise prediction when there is a very short temperature excursion, this excursion was not taken into account for the calculation;
  • 1323 - It is now possible to display the latest value instead of the signal name in the legend;
  • 1336 - General improvement of the calculation for discontinuous data collection method;
  • 1337 - In discontinuous data collection method, the models are displayed much faster;
  • 1338 - Additional improvement for discontinuous data collection using two parallel models.

Main fixes

  • 1285 - When exporting data after concatenating zones, the time signal name was incorrect;
  • 1290 - Fixed a display problem with the delta symbol when opening old files;
  • 1292 - Axes reset function did not take into account merged axes;
  • 1312 - Some hints were missing on the main ribbon bar;
  • 1313 - Fixed an incompatibility issue with Windows 10 Professional and Windows 10 Enterprise;
  • 1316 - Improved software display on ultra high definition screens;
  • 1322 - Bug with the automatic report when Y-End value is negative;
  • 1339 - Bug when exporting data with simulation (where all values equal 0).



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