Screen-Sharing Support

AKTS provides free Online support and Live presentations of AKTS Software. This Online procedure is very useful and enables to best serve our end users worldwide at any time.

Screen-sharing support is used for :

  • Spontaneous support ;
  • Online presentations ;
  • Online training class (not free).


TeamViewer in three steps

Step 1: Download our TeamViewer software

Download our TeamViewer software

Download the AKTS TeamViewer client software
When downloaded, unzip TeamViewer into the folder of your choice.

Step 2: Start TeamViewer

Start TeamViewer.

If you see and ID and password, it means that TeamViewer can be used for the online screen-sharing support or presentation. Share the ID and password with AKTS, either by phone or e-mail.

TeamViewer screen with ID and password
Step 3: Start TeamViewer and check ID and password

That's it!

After you shared your ID and password with AKTS, we will be able to connect to your computer to establish a screen-sharing support presentation.

Screen-sharing support


E-mail: AKTS Support Contact E-mail
Phone: +41 848 800 221
Fax: +41 848 800 222

AKTS Online Support with Skype
Live support with Skype:
Username: akts-support

Call us using Skype Add us to Skype Chat with us using Skype Send us a file
We are available on Skype during the normal telephone contact hours which are between 8:00 AM and 5:30 PM Swiss Time (GMT +1) from Monday to Friday.

AKTS provides live online screen-sharing support using TeamViewer software.

Send us large files
Send us large files
If you need to send us a large file (up to 2GB), please use the following website :