AKTS Software Technical Comments

Main features of Calisto include :

  • Heat capacity determination
  • Peak separation
  • Inverse filtering
  • Elaboration of glass transition
  • Application of regression analysis, data fitting
  • Possibility of using customized equations
  • Advanced baseline construction
  • Solid fat index function
  • Determination of reaction progress from DSC or DTA
  • Baseline subtraction
  • Normalized subtraction
  • Integral
  • Elaboration of TMA (alpha point, true alpha, average alpha point)
  • Temperature correction
  • Mass variation
  • Derivative (with various filter types)
  • Smoothing (Gaussian and Savitzky & Golay)
  • Cutting curves into sections or segments
  • Signals slope correction
  • Natural logarithm function
  • Draging points on the plots
  • Data spike removal
  • And more...
Main Features
AKTS-Calisto Upgrade Guide