Latest Upgrades

What's new in AKTS-Calisto

Version 1.491

Note: Only users with a maintenance period after September 9th, 2013 can upgrade to AKTS-Calisto 1.4x series.

Data Acquisition & Processing

  • Acquisition of 3 new signals (carrier gas flow, auxiliary gas flow and furnace 1 heating);
  • Correction of a bug on resaving experiments;
  • Correction of a bug in standard zones during the introduction of a duration in minute, hour or day;
  • Correction of a bug when renaming the Sensys valves.

What's new by AKTS-Thermokinetics
Version 4.46 (latest)
Released: September 20th, 2017
What's new by AKTS-Calisto
Version 1.491 (latest)
Released: December 12th, 2017