AKTS-SML Upgrade Guide

AKTS-SML Upgrade Guide

1/ Check your version

To check your current version of AKTS-SML, use the menu Help → About.

AKTS-SML Start Window, Software Version

AKTS-SML About Window, Software Version

Maintenance Expiration Accessible Version
From June 29th, 2013 until May 5th, 2015 5.092
Between May 5th, 2015 and February 23th, 2016 5.1
Between February 23th, 2016 and June 1st, 2016 5.21
Between June 1st, 2016 and August 30th, 2016 5.22
After August 30th, 2016 5.231

The latest version of AKTS-SML is 5.231.
Released on August 30th, 2016.


2/ Download latest version

  • To obtain the latest version, please contact AKTS at support@akts.com ;
  • Unzip the downloaded files into the folder where you have already installed AKTS-SML.